Chuunibyou and Embarrassing Online Names

Rikka's new mail address: black raison d'etre

In episode 5 of Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai, Rikka has to reach the average score in her Math final, or their little hobby group will be disbanded. Because she is incredibly inept at math, Yuuta devises a carrot-and-stick approach by thinking up of a new, 100% chuunibyou mail address for her.

I found myself genuinely rooting for Rikka in this episode. It’s a very relatable thing–I mean getting an online name that’s you, not passing Math. I may no longer be a delusional kid, but I still believe that our online handles should say something about us, or carry some storied history. I’ve been schneider for years, and I picked the name because I liked one of those Liger Zero variants back then. But it’s a bit hard to use it as a name nowadays, and I don’t like adding a bunch of numbers, so I usually become Schneider Heim (the latter from an intrepid character in Turn A Gundam), or Borjarnon (a shibboleth for Turn A fans).

And there’s my embarrassing e-mail address. If I’ve commented on your blog, you should know what it is!

I’ve been using it for almost ten years, and it was devised in a manner that’s par for the course for nerdy teenagers like me. Way back then, when Dragon Ball Z was fresh in the US, a lot of people prefixed “SSJ#” to their names, like “SSJ3 Bob”, and this was the kind of people I interacted online with. Naturally, I came up with something similar, using a Japanese street food as my name. Why, because like all chuuni names, it sounded cool at the time. So I became something like ssj3dango, which is middle-of-the-road as far as stupid online names go.

When I look at the people I’ve added up on instant messenger that time, it gets funnier. I got a bunch of dark_angels (one without the underscore), a demonheart and a demonhunter, one hell_shall_reign, an innocent_sinner (whatever that means), and countless fake Japanese names. At least one of them is still using the handle to this day.

How about you? Any embarrassing online names you know? Bonus points if it’s yours! Double that, if you’re still using them!

PS: Perhaps the most embarrassing e-mail address I know is from this guy, who never had an e-mail address until his first year in college, so he made one for a class. It’s of the form <last name><first name><class name>, like smithjasoncmprog1. He still uses it to this day. I hope he’s not using it for his resume, at the very least!

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17 Responses to Chuunibyou and Embarrassing Online Names

  1. mefloraine says:

    You didn’t mention schneiderhime. :3c

  2. saturnine says:

    cloud_zero. YES I WAS 13 SHUT UP. That was my very first Hotmail user ID, now gone and lost forever in the annals of history, but not before I sent one or two or ten emails with it.

  3. My first email was pretty much my name with my initials. Now I alternate between the few email addresses I have which I pretty much made to have an email for games.

  4. jpmeyer says:

    My first email address when I was 15.

    Get ready for this.


  5. Yoruno says:

    Darkedge. Shadowbuilder. now i’m Yoruno. my email address makes me noble. used the prefix “Lord”

  6. sadakups says:

    A former email address of mine was “silent_wind”. It was supposed to be my take on Zech Merquise’s other alias which as Preventer Wind, but actually it was also my personality – I’m usually silent, and very proud of myself. Or in our language, “mahangin”. 😛

    The email I’m using for comments is “sadakups_orgasm”. The crazy thing about this is that I couldn’t remember for the life of me where the fuck did I came out with that. Not to mention my username. Kinda sounds like an alteration of that long-haired lady in white who comes out of the TV in seven days. Not to forget the second word. Who knows what I was smoking back then?

  7. MAGICAL☆BIRDY says:

    In my defense, though, my cousin was the one that made it up. I just didn’t care enough to change it until recently. For IRL purposes, I try to come up with email addresses that telegraph very little about me.

  8. g0stk1d says:


    Back then I was (and still is) a Megaman fan, and I thought up that on a whim. Now whenever someone asks about my email add, and if that’s a letter or a number, I tell it like it is.

  9. rockmanshii says:

    I’m still using this aza115@hotmail for everything that isn’t serious like uni. Made it as a teenager, my handle was Aza back then. The reason is, as far as I can remember, my big bro always entered ABA in video games rankings, so wanting to copy him I picked AZA.

    A few years ago I used Rockmanshii on a stream chat as a whim and then just kept it.

  10. Reid says:

    age 13 – newtype_samaurai

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