Anime I Watched in 2012 #2: Nichibros

Or, by its official title, Daily Lives of High School Boys. But let’s stick with Nichibros, because it is more nichijou than Nichijou, and involves bros. Who accidentally shave their nipples off, yeah.

I wasn’t very interested in this show either until I actually watched it (see a pattern?). The one thing that attracted me was the involvement of Gintama’s director, which can be seen in some of the comedic timing and shameless Sunrise parodies. I liked what I saw out of Gintama, and wanted something that didn’t require watching hundreds of episodes (because even if they are good, it’s still a damn lot of episodes). The characters are all the quirky sort, whose everyday lives hinge upon stupid phenomena native only to high schoolers.

Which is the thing about Nichibros. It’s about self-conscious high schoolers doing stupid things. The show practically revels in it, rolls around in the mud of foolishness and stupidity that only those in high school would revolve their lives upon. Instead of a rose-colored school life, we get an unflattering depiction of high school boys (and some girls) overthinking everything, from jokes to a scene at a park, to putting elaborate farces to save the dignity of another person.

The jokes are frequently inane, and wouldn’t be funny on their own, if not for the presentation. Like Gintama, characters are prone to screaming in their minds, and their hysterical reactions in of themselves are enough for a laugh.

There are after-credits sequences that are very entertaining, especially the High School Girls Are Funky miniseries. Supplementary to the cast, it’s very funny for me to watch high school girls being anything like Anime High School Girls. They’re harsh, bitchy, and utter fools, like everyone in the show. Yuu Kobayashi gets to strut her stuff, and the reformed bully girl is a hoot to watch.

My favorite character in Nichibros is this super-stalker, chuunibyou girl, referred to as “Literature Girl” but given a name in the last episode. Literature Girl projects her image of her ideal boy to Hidenori, one of the main characters (and consummate overthinker), who plays along with the fantasy to be rid of her, hence making Literature Girl like him even more. It’s cute, it’s stupid, and it unbearably hits close to home, with how pretentious high schoolers could be. I mean, why wouldn’t they just fucking talk to each other? Because, high schoolers.

I’ll cap it off by saying that Nichibros is the closest portrayal of my own high school life. Play-fighting, watching other people live their lives and invent scenarios for them from afar, and the paralyzing awkwardness when it came to talking to girls. Except for the crossdressing thing. That’s a bit too far, I guess.

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2 Responses to Anime I Watched in 2012 #2: Nichibros

  1. omo says:

    On a vaguely related note, I’ve been watching fansubs of Tokyo Encounter the past couple days, which is this webcast series involving Sugita and Yuichi Nakamura playing video games at Sugita’s house. The episodes where Yuko Sanpei and Koshimizu guest on their show is, well, basically the same kind of thing. Actually that whole show is kind of like this, just not as funny.

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