Attack on Titan 7

If I have to go with my gut feeling, then I do not like this.

The foremost reason why I am watching Attack on Titan is for the action. Humans sailing through the cityscape, Spider-Man style, in order to fight giants many times their size is such a novelty that I want to see how it works. And for the most part the anime keeps me satisfied by making these scenes impressive. The appearance of a human-aligned Titan, changes the playing field completely. Humanity now has a trump card, a powerful weapon that can fight Titans on an even footing. I would suppose that this Titan is man-made, and that in trying to defeat monsters humanity decided to make its own.

I find it disingenuous, a copout where the author realizes that humanity has no chance after all, and proceeds to write himself out of the corner. It’s like giving a Gundam to the side which only has Balls to fight Zakus. While I doubt they’re going to mass-produce this Titan as to eliminate the squishy human component of the army, it’s going to factor in battles more than I would like.

Of course, there is much more to Attack on Titan than action. But I don’t find the non-action parts that good. The grimdark setting doesn’t have too much nuance in it (and I am saying this as an avid consumer of Warhammer 40k fiction both good and bad). Mikasa, who has gotten a lot of the spotlight recently, is a textbook example of an author trying hard to write a Strong Female Character (actually, she is quite the opposite, more on this in a future post). As an action fan drawn to this show for the action itself, this is a step down, plain and simple.

Note: I am not reading the manga and have no intention to. I would appreciate if you could limit discussion up to this episode.

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11 Responses to Attack on Titan 7

  1. r042 says:

    It’s interesting you raise the subject of Warhammer here; the humans in AoT with their predictably corrupt and callous generals are the model of the dullest stereotypes in Imperial Guard focused novels.

    That unimaginative resorting to the lions led by donkeys cliche was what put me off the series actually (and also soured me on much of the IG BL stuff).

  2. Taka says:

    Dood you know human-aligned Titan has totally got to be Eren whose conviction in life was so strong it continued after death and poisoned the titan he fought. Just look at the EYES man.

    Note: I have also not read the manga. This is pure speculation.

    • snowravenrp says:

      Actually, flash-back to the scenes where Eren was having nightmares of his father giving him a strange looking syringe under a tree. That syringe was filled with something his father had developed which appartently gave Eren the ability to transform into an Eotena (Old English for “titan”).

      This is speculation (since I haven’t read the manga, either) as the idea of his own convictions “infecting” an Eetona is I think a stretch even this show wouldn’t go to make. I would hope anyway.

      I’m feeling like the whole Eren Becomes An Eotena is kind of a cop-out, too. I was hoping the syringe would just…give him the ability to regenerate limbs like the Eotenas could, which would make much more sense because it would still make him human sized and limit him to the tactics humans have to use to fight the Eotenas, making the whole war still remain interesting. Now I get to watch a super-saiyan version of Eren play volleyball with Eotenas heads…

      If the show doesn’t take an interesting direction in the next few episodes and stop trying so hard to focus on Mikasa, I’m dropping it.

  3. snowravenrp says:

    And then there’s also the stale “donkey’s leading the lions” element of the callous and self-obsessed generals and unit commanders, too. Good mention of that, @r042. That’s a huge turn-off for me, as well.

  4. >Mikasa, who has gotten a lot of the spotlight recently, is a textbook example of an author trying hard to write a Strong Female Character (actually, she is quite the opposite, more on this in a future post).

  5. sadakups says:

    Attack on Titan is The Walking Dead, except that the “zombies” in this show are giants. When there’s no human-on-Titan violence, it’s all about humans going after humans. The only difference is, I’ll watch this show more than that damn zombie show.

    I like Mikasa. She’s a badass despite being fragile inside. It’s undeniable that Eren is her emotional crutch since the guy is hot-blood incarnate and she just emulates that without being too reckless. That is, until this episode.

    • schneider says:

      Funny that you brought up The Walking Dead. I despise the zombie “genre” but I can see the similarity. This is much better!

      I don’t really hate Mikasa, but I find her misrepresented by people claiming she’s strong… but that’s not really true. She’s still getting there.

  6. DoctorBaronvonEvilSatan says:

    A lot of the stuff is actually foreshadowing and it ties wonderfully together. So far anyway.
    The art for the manga at the start is pretty bad but I think it’s because of the mangaka who concentrated more on his writing and plotting out the entire thing instead of his art. Pretty much the reverse of typical mangaka.
    So I guess, don’t worry, it really gets better. Trust the author. He writes a pretty cohesive plot. Things only feel like cop outs since you’re operating on incomplete in-world information and filling in the gaps with meta-information. If you immerse yourself and see things from an in-world perspective, it’s all pretty exciting. You’ll have a lot more fun.

  7. Am totally with you on Mikasa. While Eren’s strength gets to be “from within,” Mikasa’s must be founded upon another person (incidentally, a man),

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