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Attack on Titan 7

If I have to go with my gut feeling, then I do not like this.

The foremost reason why I am watching Attack on Titan is for the action. Humans sailing through the cityscape, Spider-Man style, in order to fight giants many times their size is such a novelty that I want to see how it works. And for the most part the anime keeps me satisfied by making these scenes impressive. The appearance of a human-aligned Titan, changes the playing field completely. Humanity now has a trump card, a powerful weapon that can fight Titans on an even footing. I would suppose that this Titan is man-made, and that in trying to defeat monsters humanity decided to make its own.

I find it disingenuous, a copout where the author realizes that humanity has no chance after all, and proceeds to write himself out of the corner. It’s like giving a Gundam to the side which only has Balls to fight Zakus. While I doubt they’re going to mass-produce this Titan as to eliminate the squishy human component of the army, it’s going to factor in battles more than I would like.

Of course, there is much more to Attack on Titan than action. But I don’t find the non-action parts that good. The grimdark setting doesn’t have too much nuance in it (and I am saying this as an avid consumer of Warhammer 40k fiction both good and bad). Mikasa, who has gotten a lot of the spotlight recently, is a textbook example of an author trying hard to write a Strong Female Character (actually, she is quite the opposite, more on this in a future post). As an action fan drawn to this show for the action itself, this is a step down, plain and simple.

Note: I am not reading the manga and have no intention to. I would appreciate if you could limit discussion up to this episode.