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On Outgrowing Anime

At the start of the Spring season, I tried watching an episode of Daimidaler. I couldn’t finish it.

This used to be the stuff I loved. Campy baddies, a robot powered by an unconventional power source, hot blood, and… sexual molestation. Wait. That’s not cool, man. I can like problematic stuff, but if an entire show is built up on the hero making sexual advances on the heroine and presented as a gag, that’s really fucking crass.

And I used to wonder why a lot of girls don’t watch mecha.

Basically, I outgrew an anime. When I say “outgrow”, I don’t really mean “I’ve become much better than this shit and now it’s beneath me”, although for Daimidaler’s case that’s exactly what had happened. “Outgrowing” an anime simply means I’ve become incompatible with it, due to my tastes and values changing across the years. A show doesn’t really age like we do, and as time passes we tend to see a disconnect with something we used to cherish. (I guess that’s the real test of a “classic”: you can still connect with it no matter how much time has passed.) Once I tried to watch everything considered “good” by a critical standpoint and while I did learn a lot about the industry and the medium, now I’m prioritizing good, clean fun more. That’s why I’m watching kid shows right now!

It can be a frightful feeling, waking up and not feeling it anymore for something you used to love. Or it could be a cute one, laughing at yourself for even liking that thing in the first place. Which happens a lot with Gundam Wing, bless that show. Nostalgia is great, but only in small doses.

As I’ve seen a lot of stuff, I’ve begun to revisit my old favorites, reexamining them if I still love them as much as I did before. Some I’ve realized weren’t as good as I thought, but there’s also a surprising number of shows that I’ve become more interested than before. I’d rewatch them if I had the time! Age has a funny way of altering your perspective.

So, do you have any anime that you shockingly outgrew or came back to? Tell me!

(This entry was sparked by Digibro watching all of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and loving the fuck out of it, which was something I had believed would never happen back then.)