6 Years?


So this blog’s 6th year anniversary passed by, and I was simultaneously marveled and horrified by it. I haven’t been posting for a while because of various reasons, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about my blog at all.

I’ve contemplated on shutting the blog down for good, but I feel that it still has its own use. If ever I have a couple of thoughts that I have to write down, then this is one of the few spaces I could really let loose and all.

Actually, the more I think of it, the more this blog has served my life, way beyond having weird anime opinions. Making an anime blog made me join Twitter to talk to other anime bloggers, which I still do (at a greater frequency than here), even if a lot of them don’t blog anime anymore. But even still, the friendships we forged still endure, and most anime bloggers I’ve met just became more awesome as time went by. If I never made this blog then I’d be a tad more lonely and less open about stuff.

So what have I been doing that made me neglect this blog? Hmm?

  1. I’m learning Japanese in earnest. I have Saturday classes, and I could do much worse in my weekends. I’ll be taking the JLPT (N5) next month. Really stoked for it.
  2. Work, duh. I don’t work overtime, but I do try to sleep before midnight on weekdays because it would fuck up my performance otherwise.
  3. Writing stories! A few of my friends convinced me to join a weekly flash fiction contest in the Something Awful forums, and it’s a lot of fun, even if my writing gets torn to pieces on a near weekly basis. I’m pleasantly surprised to say that it works, and I have learned more about writing from SA than from anywhere else.
  4. Aiming for publication. My aim is to submit one polished short story every month. I’m working on one right now (or that is, supposed to be working), it’s about a girl who works in a magical library.
  5. Reading comics! Comixology is my new Steam, and it’s seriously good. I just bought $27 worth of discounted comics the other day, read one while in the bus, and it was soooo good I had to put my tablet down and wipe my eyes (Lost At Sea). I have like ten trades of Hellblazer to read, too, which I got at half their usual price.
  6. Playing handheld games. I have a 2DS and a Vita. My PC broke down (or rather, its video card did) so I can’t really play PC games anymore. The more I think about it, the more attractive console/handheld gaming is, by virtue of being cheaper and not having to worry about a whole lot of things. Just thinking of parts to buy for my new PC is seriously stressing me out.
  7. Watching anime. I watch a lot of stuff every season, and squeeze in episodes of old stuff whenever I can. I can’t marathon anymore, so it seriously hampers my ability to finish stuff that don’t air weekly.
  8. Pretending to be an adult and working on dumb, but necessary things like health and money.

Speaking of anime, here are some things I’ve done while not posting here: (possible post material? I hope)

  1. I rewatched Evangelion TV. I loved it. I never had a good affinity with Eva, but the adult perspective really helped me connect with it on a profound level. Declaration: Shinji is an AWESOME character, and Evangelion is a very hopeful work.
  2. I watched the first season of Aikatsu, all 50 episodes of it. It took me a while, but it has dethroned Patlabor TV as my favorite longform anime of all time. There is simply too much to talk about. People will kill me for this, but Aikatsu is the best idol anime for me. I’m going through season 2 at a snail’s pace, with the hopes of catching up to season 3 before it finishes.
  3. I am playing the Love Live mobile game? Does that count? It’s quite funny, because I never considered myself as someone good at rhythm games, but Love Live School Idol Festival is a really good game. At one point I failed a Hard song miserably, now I’m S-ranking/Full Combo-ing songs left and right. There’s a post waiting to be written about my experience with the game, but it’ll have to get in line.
  4. I picked up the following shows: Kaiji season 1, Iron Leaguer, J-Decker, and H2. All are great, and I watch them with my brother, which adds to the hilarity. I wish I had more time.
  5. I am watching L-Gaim. It is so incredibly Tomino, and not good, but I keep on watching anyway. One time I was in a pub and watched an episode (don’t ask how or why), and couldn’t remember what the hell happened. It’s that kind of show.

I guess I haven’t been neglecting my blog, after all. I mean, you can’t blog without Meaningful Life Experiences to back your writing up, and that’s what I’ve been doing. I have never been so happy and fulfilled as I am right now, and I’ve been ruling at life so hard that I feel that somehow, somehow I don’t deserve this. Am I making sense? On a single day I’m reading books on investing in the morning, which are totally dry and adult and laden with math, and on the commute home I’m listening to ClariS and reading about chain-smoking British dude bloke trying to save humanity from heaven and hell. That’s the reality I live in right now.

And if you’re still here and reading, I want to thank you. That is all. I still dream of completing Men OP Destiny.

PS: I am going to Japan next month! For 5 days! Alone! This is going to be as much Me Time as it goes. If you’re around, let’s met up and stuff!

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5 Responses to 6 Years?

  1. Congrats! It’s great to see a post of yours every couple of months in my feedreader. I smiled when I read about your reading matters. Investment and comics – that’s how the live of a grown-up anime fan should look like. 😀

    PS: I enjoyed your “12 Days of Mediations” series last year. Any plans to do something like that again?

  2. Congratulations on keeping a blog for so long! I’m also trying to write fiction in addition to a job, blogging, etc. Sometimes it’s very hard to find the time.

  3. omo says:

    I hope the Japanese studies part work out well for you. Make sure you find some locals to take you around Japan.

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