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Aikatsu, the Super Idol Anime

This is an idol anime. I’ve been watching Aikatsu, Sunrise’s multimedia ploy to part elementary school girls with their lunch money. With more than 60 episodes, it’s become my full-length, four-cour anime to complete for this year. I’m 14 episodes … Continue reading

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Gundam is saved, forever and ever,


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Wake Up, Girls! and the Harshness of Criticism

One of the hardest parts of fiction writing is getting good feedback. The problem is that good feedback tends to be harsh and blunt and awful to hear. And we writers need it. Writing is hard, precisely because it’s hard … Continue reading

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[Men OP Destiny] The 08th MS Team (Arashi no naka de kagayaite)

OPs for OVAs tend to be different from OPs for TV shows. Unlike TV OPs, which are primarily concerned with catching a channel surfer’s attention, OVA OPs can afford to be more experimental or less grounded in formula, because the … Continue reading

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[Men OP Destiny] SDF Macross

One day, while I was rewatching a bunch of mecha anime OPs to brighten up my day, the Macross OP made me realize something that’s missing in the “modern” anime OP: a coherent narrative. As anime switched from being plot-driven … Continue reading

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12 Days of Meditations #12: What’s the point of this all?

Why do bloggers blog? It’s a simple question, but you’ll probably get different answers from everyone. For me, blogging is a form of introspection, an outlet, a tool for reach out to like-minded people. It’s great to have a site … Continue reading

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12 Days of Meditations #11: On taste

If you go to any discussion board on anime, chances are you’ll stumble upon a discussion of taste, or the lack thereof. Anime fans use taste as a way of curating friends–after all, it’s very natural to seek out people … Continue reading

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