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12 Days of Stuff #1: No Game, No Life is terrible and I’m terrible for watching it

Merry Christmas! For this year, I’ll be writing about… all that stuff that’s accumulated in my head but couldn’t be written in a timely manner because of reasons. But since I’m on holiday, I can indulge myself a bit. One … Continue reading

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On Outgrowing Anime

At the start of the Spring season, I tried watching an episode of Daimidaler. I couldn’t finish it.

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[MAD ABOUT CARTOONS] Ro-Kyu-Bu and the shitty first impression

I love anime, but sometimes I get MAD ABOUT CARTOONS. This post series is for me to address what I hate about anime, but I’ll try to write about it in an interesting way (as always). I’d like to think … Continue reading

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