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My Problem With Video Game Stories (And Why I Like Accel World More Than Sword Art Online)

The comparison is not as farfetched as it sounds. Sword Art Online and Accel World share the same author, Reki Kawahara, and they’re both about virtual-reality MMOs. That’s where most of the similarity ends, though, and why I’m liking one … Continue reading

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Enjo Kousai Adventure: What is This I Don’t Even

This just in: /tg/ is actually making a homebrew enjo kousai RPG. Only a basic structure has materialized so far, but the concept and mechanics interest me greatly. I’m not too aware of enjo kousai, having only heard or seen … Continue reading

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Playing Magical Burst

[source] Lately, I’ve been spending the past few weeks staying up late because of Magical Burst. It’s an indie tabletop RPG by the translator of Maid RPG, and it’s been loads of fun–playing magical girl pretend was never so good!

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Mecha Eye Scar

I wasn’t really sold on Mazinkaiser SKL until the titular mech received a gouged eye from a beating. I always found the original Mazinkaiser to be boring, because it was too invincible for its own good–in fact, the Mazinkaiser movie … Continue reading

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Orks are super robot pilots

I was reading up on W40k fluff and Orks. Being bred to be the ultimate fighting race, there’s the biological explanation on why Orks are so ubiquitous (they reproduce asexually by scattering spores on the ground, which later turn into … Continue reading

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Super Robot Wars Judgment and the Joy of Naming Your Mech

Super Robot Wars Judgment is the latest out of SRW fan-translation efforts. The trend with recent portable SRWs is that it allows you to name your main character AND mech (along with its attacks). This allows for a lot of … Continue reading

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Rocket Punch Creativity, and the Refusal Thereof

One nifty thing that Mazinkaiser SKL does that amuses me is the special use of the venerable rocket punch, which is fired to retrieve a fallen weapon to free itself from bindings.

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