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Mysterious Flying Robot Apprehended in Tokyo

A mysterious robot appeared in the streets of Tokyo yesterday, from 10:31 to 10:57 am. Eyewitness accounts told of a humanoid machine levitating several meters in the air, disrupting traffic and causing widespread panic. The rogue robot was described to … Continue reading

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6 Awesome Matches in SaiMecha 2012

[pixiv source] SaiMecha 2012’s brackets have been posted, and already I can feel my arteries constricting. I love all these mechs (though not equally), but I will be forced to choose one out of two at a time. How agonizing! … Continue reading

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Questionable Choices Abound: My SaiMecha 2012 Nominations

[pixiv source] SaiMecha 2012 is upon us, and the call has been made for bracket nominations. And with that, my philosophy in nominating has changed. I’m injecting a healthy amount of lulz to keep people on their toes, and to … Continue reading

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The End of SaiMecha: You Can (Not) Win

“Shinji! What’s going on?” “I don’t know. I… I don’t know.” “Commander Ikari, what’s happening to Shinji? The Unit-01 isn’t responding to our measures!” “Everything is going according to plan, Col. Katsuragi.” “What plan are you talking about, Father? What … Continue reading

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The final round of SaiMecha 2011 is upon us. You may see some blog posts prescribing you their choice of robot, defending their points with equal passion and eloquence. Don’t read them. These people have no idea what they’re talking … Continue reading

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SaiMecha: Before the End

Zaku II regarded the smoking remains of its fated opponent with its monoeye. The VF-1S was in Gerwalk mode, its frame broken in multiple pieces. It had crashed from its last battle, felled not by the Zaku’s machine gun but … Continue reading

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SaiMecha: Making A Case For Sinanju

SaiMecha is down to its Elite Eight now, and the most exciting match, IMO, is VF-1 versus Sinanju. It’s a match between old and new, mass-produced and advanced prototype, missile and beam, Macross and Gundam. I want the Sinanju to … Continue reading

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