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The Goubain Effect

Warning: Contains spoilers for Fafner.

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Before I Knew It, I Became An Ouran Fanboy

I recently tried my luck at Ouran, a show which I had glossed over during my Suzumiya fanboying days (“Other Haruhi? Bah, she fails for not having aliens, time travelers and espers!”). My friend didn’t really help with his testimonial … Continue reading

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Of Aces And Sky Crawlers

Sky Crawlers is a powerful movie. But its production values aren’t the best part, for me. It’s the mood, the mood that the show kept consistent from start to finish. When I first read about it, I thought it was … Continue reading

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Gundam X: Hidden Wonder

Gundam X is a very maligned show. It was cut short by 10 episodes and was a commercial failure. But it achieves something that its direct predecessor Gundam Wing failed at, which is telling a damn good story. Gundam X … Continue reading

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Things Schneider Thinks Would Be Cool, Mark I

Thanks to Owen for indirectly referencing me to this post idea. I’m a huge super robot fan (as if that isn’t clear enough by now), and there are some things I find lacking in the genre, things that I would … Continue reading

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Megatokyo Anime Grand Prix: Round 1 Thoughts

Round 1 has concluded and I need to voice my overall thoughts for it here. As a whole the round was very entertaining and had many good campaigns. Many people too were convinced to check out shows that they’ve missed … Continue reading

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Macross 7: Not at All Fun and Games

A week ago I started watching Macross 7. It is a very quirky show, even by Macross standards. The characters are all amusing without being overly annoying, and I dig the Fire Bomber music. (Warning: spoilers ahead)

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Metal Gear Fathers

It’s been a few days since I finished Xam’d, and I’ve given thought to what my post about it will be. Well, since most of its noticeable pros and cons have been highlighted already (link is sort of a portal … Continue reading

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Flag: Courage and Hope

Out of the diverse library of anime I’ve watched, Flag strikes me as very unique. It makes me feel that I’m watching a war documentary in a not-so-different alternate world where bipedal robots work. It’s camera porn, complete with film … Continue reading

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Marriage in Anime (A Godannar and LOGH post)

Anime about married couples is rare. Probably because most anime fans are single? Let’s just leave it at that. Today I talk about how a few shows deal with the wonderful world of marriage. (Sorry Clannad AS fans, I haven’t … Continue reading

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