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My Early Years: Watching the Current Season

This is part of a little post series I thought of, where I would write about my early experiences as an anime fan circa 2006-2007, and reflect on them with clearer hindsight. When I think about it, anime has changed … Continue reading

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Geass and Chess

I love chess. Ever since I was 7, I played my father every day, and for 4 straight years I played and played until I could beat him soundly (which, afterwards, I started playing at school, and eventually, a brief … Continue reading

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Kowd Jiss (or how Filipino otaku rage at TV-5)

So I watched Code Geass R1 on Philippine TV today. I’ll go out on a limb to say that it’s good. Good, by abysmal Animax Philippines/Hero TV standards. I liked it. I enjoyed it. My 20-odd minutes were not wasted. … Continue reading

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Ghibli Week Start! Also, Philippine Code Geass

Thanks to the prodding of some blogs, I decided to go sample the wonderful world of Studio Ghibli this week. Having only seen Grave of the Fireflies beforehand, which left me incredibly depressed (until I got someone else to watch … Continue reading

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