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Thoughts on SRWK

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Alpha Gaiden Translated

Basically, the beta translation patch for Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden (hereby shortened to @G) has been released, with the story fully translated among other things. It’s been a long wait for fans, which even preceded my induction to the … Continue reading

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Gundam vs Gundam PSP

And so Gundam vs Gundam arrives for the PSP, sealing the deal that it is THE portable console for mecha fans. Featuring all Gundam series from MSG to Gundam 00, this is one game that will keep you engrossed alone … Continue reading

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Wait, I’m not supposed to play this manually?

Time to post something mecha-related, even if it’s a game. Right now I’m playing Armored Core: Formula Front on my PSP. If you could define playing as “designing mechs and their AI in order to fight other AI mechs”, that … Continue reading

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