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12 Days of Meditations #10: Tackling shows with difficult continuity

Some anime are harder to tackle than others. It’s not because they’re niche or complex or even plain old, but because of length and the lack of an obvious starting point. I can divide them into the following categories: Anime … Continue reading

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12 Days of Meditations #2: Why Can’t Most People Stand Old Anime?

One of the most challenging things I must handle as an anime fan is when people ask me to recommend them anime. I take recommendations seriously, because I want others to enjoy what they watch–if they get a dud and … Continue reading

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The Getter Robo OVAs: A Primer

I was talking to Shance about the Getter Robo OVAs a few days back, and the conversation quickly turned to the topic of how it’s easy to confuse the three OVAs together, thanks to the confusing nature of kanji. So … Continue reading

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