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The Summer Triangle (or something I wrote to keep myself sane in these lonely hours of convalescence)

Last night I queued up for almost two hours in a taxi stand, inebriated and due for a most terrible stomach flu (to say little of the tongue-lashing my parents gave me when I returned home at 2 AM). To … Continue reading

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The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Movie: An Afterthought

One great thing about the Haruhi franchise is that it leaves enough unanswered questions to keep fans guessing, and the shippers happy. The events of the final chronological episode in the first season, the embarrassing things that happened during the … Continue reading

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God’s In Her Heaven, All’s Right With the World

I finally did it. I brought myself to finish the part of Haruhi 2009 that I was saving up for last–namely, Endless Eight. It’s a strange thing for me to not have kept up with the show last year, thanks … Continue reading

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I can describe Ryoko’s Case File in two ways: supernatural detective show, or Haruhi for grownups. Yes, I haven’t found another character as close to Haruhi than Superintendent Ryoko Yakushiji herself–she’s beautiful, smart, skilled, bossy, and extremely immature. Also, she … Continue reading

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