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12 Days of Meditations #3: Why bother with trying to know creators and studios?

When I was starting to get into anime seriously, I encountered people who would discuss creators and studios. This was a big quantum leap for me, having framed anime in terms of “good” or “not good” only. Why are they … Continue reading

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Moving Out, Moving In With Hidamari Sketch

I had just finished watching the Hidamari Sketch: Sae and Hiro Graduation OVA. As a slice-of-life show, Hidamari Sketch is unique in that it takes into account the passage of time: in the first two seasons, protagonist Yuno is a … Continue reading

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Landlady, the Champion of the World

Finishing the last third of Hidamari Sketch Honeycomb, my favorite episode was the ninth, which comprised of the landlady (hence referred to with a capital L) dropping by to play The Game of Life with everyone. While Landlady is cool … Continue reading

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Growing Up With Hidamari Sketch

The second half of Hidamari Sketch Honeycomb episode 7 (whew!) is about Yuno going off to meet a friend in art college. Apart from being a Hidamari story in top form, it made me realize how much I’ve grown alongside … Continue reading

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Oh, Sae.

Sometimes, you just can’t help but try to put on a reliable senior’s image. It’s so adorable.

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Hidamari Sketch: Sae and Writing What You (Don’t) Know

I like Sae. She’s the closest approximation to who I am out of all the Hidamari Sketch girls, on top of her being an actual writer. Granted, it’s never really explained how good she is, nor are we treated to … Continue reading

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