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12 Days of Meditations #5: On strong characters (who happen to be female)

Anime is fairly notorious for its treatment of women characters, and even women authors help perpetuate this. This has led some people to clamor for strong female characters in anime, but I’m afraid the term has become an oxymoron of … Continue reading

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DD Hokuto no Ken: In the year 199x, martial artists are NEETs

Or Hokuto no Ken meets Astro Fighter Sunred with Homestar Runner-style art. If you are at least familiar with Hokuto no Ken, then the premise should be enough: the world did not experience a nuclear holocaust, therefore the Hokuto brothers … Continue reading

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12 Moments of 2010 #3: Raoh Parts the Heavens

This post is part of the 12 Days series. A big part of my 2010 anime consumption was taken up by Hokuto no Ken. The show, while not magnificent in terms of production values, still delivers the best in manly … Continue reading

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Fallout of the North Star: The Choices We Make

Aside from crappy Korean grindfests that haven’t aged well, I dedicate a portion of my free time to playing Fallout: New Vegas. It’s a nice game, and a step up from Fallout 3.

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I’m Alive! (Updates and Stuff)

[sauce] I haven’t been posting for a while, since I lost my internet for almost two weeks. Imagine the agony! Anyways, a lot has happened during my absence, so I intend to go through them quickly. The Death of Ngee … Continue reading

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