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The Goubain Effect

Warning: Contains spoilers for Fafner.

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Thoughts on SRWK

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Of Aces And Sky Crawlers

Sky Crawlers is a powerful movie. But its production values aren’t the best part, for me. It’s the mood, the mood that the show kept consistent from start to finish. When I first read about it, I thought it was … Continue reading

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Gundam X: Hidden Wonder

Gundam X is a very maligned show. It was cut short by 10 episodes and was a commercial failure. But it achieves something that its direct predecessor Gundam Wing failed at, which is telling a damn good story. Gundam X … Continue reading

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Things Schneider Thinks Would Be Cool, Mark I

Thanks to Owen for indirectly referencing me to this post idea. I’m a huge super robot fan (as if that isn’t clear enough by now), and there are some things I find lacking in the genre, things that I would … Continue reading

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Macross 7: Not at All Fun and Games

A week ago I started watching Macross 7. It is a very quirky show, even by Macross standards. The characters are all amusing without being overly annoying, and I dig the Fire Bomber music. (Warning: spoilers ahead)

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My Favorite Gundam (Mecha)

Mechafetish, being the Gundam connoiseur that he is, asked me about my favorite Gundam mech. And I stumped myself. If you know the franchise well, you can say that it’s a damned hard question to answer. “Come on, anything that … Continue reading

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