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Saori, Owner of a Lonely Heart (Still the Best Kind of Fan)

Sometimes it feels like Oreimo becomes an entirely different show when not focused on the main characters. Episode 3 of the second season feels like a sincere, intimate episode from the likes of Genshiken. I’m glad to not have written … Continue reading

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The Fan and the Non-fan in Oreimo

I guess the show finally found a good use for Ayase. And no, it’s not “resident yandere”. Ayase, along with Manami, is one of the few characters in Oreimo who isn’t an otaku. While Manami treats the subject of otaku … Continue reading

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Anime I Watched in 2012 #6: I, Potato

Ore, Imo. Questionable title and premise aside, if I were to explain what Oreimo is about, it would be this: it’s about this guy in a broken family, broken in the sense that its members do not quite understand each … Continue reading

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Kirino, the Misery of Lonely Fans, and the Importance of Making Friends

I mentioned in a previous post that I liked Kirino, and did not hate her as others would. I’ve been studying and musing on fan theory, or why people like certain things. Why? I wish to recommend things better to … Continue reading

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My Oreimo Can’t Be This Thoughtful

I like Oreimo. I’ll make no defense about the writing, which had its fair share of overblown drama and contrived situations. After all, this is originally a light novel (as wah would point out in a derisive tone), but this … Continue reading

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