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12 Days of Meditations #10: Tackling shows with difficult continuity

Some anime are harder to tackle than others. It’s not because they’re niche or complex or even plain old, but because of length and the lack of an obvious starting point. I can divide them into the following categories: Anime … Continue reading

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Patlabor: A Primer

Labor: a robot specifically designed for construction work. Labors allow dramatic advances in construction, but also in crime. To combat these new Labor crimes, the police created a special unit: The Patrol Labor. And thus, the birth of the Patlabor. … Continue reading

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Patlabor the Movie and the Failure of the Future

I first watched Patlabor the Movie in my early years as a mecha fan. It was great and all, but I had missed a few key points that I found in a recent rewatch.

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Mysterious Flying Robot Apprehended in Tokyo

A mysterious robot appeared in the streets of Tokyo yesterday, from 10:31 to 10:57 am. Eyewitness accounts told of a humanoid machine levitating several meters in the air, disrupting traffic and causing widespread panic. The rogue robot was described to … Continue reading

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Asuma and His Father: A Father’s Day Post

Happy Father’s Day! This post isn’t about anime fathers per se, but about a character and his relationship with his father instead.

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12 Moments of 2010 #12: Gotoh and Shinobu’s Night Out

This post is part of the 12 Days series. One memorable part of the Patlabor franchise is the complex relationship between Gotoh and Shinobu. It’s a potpourri of grudging trust, condescension, friendship, and need I say, subtle flirting. What better … Continue reading

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Patlabor: Manual vs Auto

In the TV timeline of Patlabor, the Peacemaker is the next-gen police labor developed by Shinohara Heavy Industries, assigned to the SV1–a long overdue upgrade considering the old Pythons they used throughout the majority of the series. Besides having better … Continue reading

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The Eternal Patlabor Debate

One thing I really like from Patlabor is the chemistry between the two main characters, Noa and Asuma. They operate in a way that defies mecha anime convention: Noa does the tough job of piloting, while Asuma does the tough … Continue reading

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The Virality Of Touhou Still Amazes Me To This Day

Two nights ago, I was making a few Youtube searches for Patlabor. The TV OP came up, and I watched it with glee. Something caught my eye: With a moment’s hesitation, I clicked it.

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Patlabor: A Day In The Life Of Division 2

14 episodes in, and Patlabor TV continues to show excellent writing. Action, comedy, mystery or even drama, it can do them all, sometimes in just one episode.

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