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The Eternal Patlabor Debate

One thing I really like from Patlabor is the chemistry between the two main characters, Noa and Asuma. They operate in a way that defies mecha anime convention: Noa does the tough job of piloting, while Asuma does the tough … Continue reading

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The Virality Of Touhou Still Amazes Me To This Day

Two nights ago, I was making a few Youtube searches for Patlabor. The TV OP came up, and I watched it with glee. Something caught my eye: With a moment’s hesitation, I clicked it.

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Patlabor: A Day In The Life Of Division 2

14 episodes in, and Patlabor TV continues to show excellent writing. Action, comedy, mystery or even drama, it can do them all, sometimes in just one episode.

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