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Gundam Build Fighters 9: You’re All Right, Mr. Beargguy

Time for another Gundam Build Fighters post! The last thing I’d want people to think is that I’m not liking the show. In fact, I’ve been enjoying it immensely, and the latest one sets a new bar for displaying a … Continue reading

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[Men OP Destiny] Gundam AGE OP3 (REAL)

Another Men OP Destiny post! To tell you the truth, I got into a funk from writing these, because I was unsatisfied with how Gundam AGE ended. ‘Course there’s nothing preventing me from writing about other Gundam OPs, but my … Continue reading

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Gundam Build Fighters: Reminding me why Gundam fans suck

No screencaps because I streamed the first episode legally! Hurrah, GundamInfo channel! So, Gundam Build Fighters. After the failure of Gundam AGE, Bandai is sticking to its strengths, which is in the form of honest-to-goodness merchandise. You see, Gunpla is … Continue reading

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Faux Mecha Soundtrack Music: The Sapphire Mask

(Artist Source) The Sapphire Mask is a music project inspired by mecha anime. I love the concept–as a fan of good soundtracks, they evoke intense feelings about the story even long after finishing it. In The Sapphire Mask’s case, the … Continue reading

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On Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim was everything I expected, and more. Talking about to people about it, they tried their darnedest to say something negative about the movie, but in my mind nothing clicked–it was a movie paying homage to the best of … Continue reading

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Stop Using the Word “Trainwreck”

I understand that not everyone likes the current bombastic mecha offering from Sunrise, Valvrave the Liberator. One could chalk it up to its elements, which only seem to exist to deliver the maximum helping of shark jumpings every week. You … Continue reading

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Recalibrating Expectations in Suisei no Gargantia

Suisei no Gargantia is one of the three mecha anime airing this season (four if we count a certain HD remaster). Out of them, it’s the one with the loftiest concept in the vein of Toward the Terra or Battlestar … Continue reading

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