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12 Days of Meditations #6: Sorry, I only listen to anime music

When people ask me, “what kind of music do you listen to?” I immediately shudder. It’s not a difficult question to answer, but my answer could be so off-the-wall that they’ll never talk to me again (this is a recurring … Continue reading

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Faux Mecha Soundtrack Music: The Sapphire Mask

(Artist Source) The Sapphire Mask is a music project inspired by mecha anime. I love the concept–as a fan of good soundtracks, they evoke intense feelings about the story even long after finishing it. In The Sapphire Mask’s case, the … Continue reading

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The Wing Zero EP is a glorious work for Gundam fandom

A couple of weeks ago, I got wind of a Gundam Wing rap album by Richie Branson, which turned out to be a hilarious bag. My prior experience in nerdcore rap was that Firefly rap album, which was fantastic, but … Continue reading

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Look Who’s Doing the Nichijou OP… It’s Hyadain!

I watched the first episode of Nichijou yesterday, I think we can all agree on how weird it is. Moreover, the OP has this strange air that’s different from a normal anime song. After watching, I made a customary pass … Continue reading

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Karaoke and the Otaku Couple Duet

Last Saturday, I went to sing weeaboo karaoke with my friends, as we would frequently do. Now, I sang Cross Fight, which was a hot-blooded duet by anison masters Ichiro Mizuki and Mitsuko Horie. Having no companion with two X … Continue reading

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Help Me Compile A Non-Weeaboo Playlist

Thanks to Lain, I have been hooked on Duvet (which was performed by Bôa, not to be confused with BoA). Now, I’ve been meaning to compile a non-weeaboo playlist of English anime songs, with the noble intent of suppressing my … Continue reading

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My Questionable Taste in Soutaiseiriron Albums, Explained

Ever since I came across Etsuko Yakushimaru’s lovely voice in Arakawa Under the Bridge, I resolved to find more of her songs. That quickly led me to her band Soutaiseiriron, with classy indie-pop tunes and addictive melodies. There’s just something … Continue reading

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2009.9.12 Anime Karaoke Notes

We Filipino bloggers had a karaoke session last Sunday. To atone for my previous failure(s), I really got to join this time!

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On Anison

A list, if you please. With the coming AFA ’09 in neighboring country Singapore (starring /m/ deities like Yoshiki Fukuyama and Ichirou Mizuki), I am once again reminded of the sorry state of otaku events in my own country. I … Continue reading

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